The U.S. Navy's 'New' Littoral Combat Ship Can Now Really Pack a Punch | The  National InterestThe Navy is continuing to massively fast-track production for its growing fleet of Independence variant Littoral Combat Ships (LCS), while also continuing to up-gun the ships with cutting-edge, long-range precision weaponry, perhaps in a deliberate and visible effort to counter, outgun and out-range the large and growing fleet of Russian Corvettes.


The Navy christened its LCS 30, an Independence variant of the ship built by Austal USA, the future USS Canberra, shortly after LCS 28 completed acceptance trials. The acceptance trials for its LCS 28 in the Gulf of Mexico included a series of combat-preparation steps which includes testing the ship’s propulsion, electrical systems, maneuverability, and “combat system detect-to-engage sequence,” according to a Navy report...MORE

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