Lockheed Martin Awarded $485 Million Contract To Provide IRST And ...The U.S. Department of Defense said Monday that Lockheed Martin Corp. won a massive contract for advanced targeting pods. The contract, from Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, is valued at more than $485 and covers Sniper, Infrared Search and Track (IRST); and Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night (LANTIRN) navigation pod (fixed wing) hardware production.


This contract provides the necessary resources required for the management, fabrication, upgrade/retrofit, integration support and testing and shipping of its non-developmental item (NDI) Sniper Advanced Targeting Pods (ATP) System, NDI LANTIRN Fixed Image Navigation Set upgrades, and the NDI IRST system as it relates to the requirements document associated with each specific delivery order placed under this contract....MORE

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