The US air force announced a tender for the creation of artificial ...The U.S. Air Force has announced the first step toward making its Skyborg system a reality. This program, which the service revealed last year, aims to develop a suite of systems that will form a single artificial intelligence-driven "computer brain" that would be able to fly future low-cost “loyal wingman” type drones, which would work together with manned aircraft, and potentially fully-autonomous unmanned combat air vehicles, or UCAVs.


The Air Force also plans to acquire unmanned aircraft to support the development of the Skyborg package and possibly carry a final version of the systems operationally by 2023.

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center's Advanced Aircraft directorate, abbreviated AFLCMC/WA, issued a call for "technical and cost proposals" for what it is calling the Skyborg Prototyping, Experimentation, and Autonomy Development (SPEAD) project on the U.S. government's contracting website on May 15, 2020....MORE

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